Where can I buy PRISM Filters?

Our products are exclusively available through our select network of internet resellers. These companies all have authorised documentation to show they are official distributors of PRISM Filters.

Why choose PRISM Filters?

PRISM Filters offers an array of liquid filtration equipment utilising the latest materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure cost-effective solutions for you.

What countries are PRISM Filters available in?

Currently, PRISM Filters is available across the whole of the UK and Europe, depending on which authorised distributor you use.

What is PRISM Filters return policy?

Returns depend on the T&Cs set out by the authorised distributor; please contact them should you need to.

Can my company become a distributor of PRISM Filters?

Simply fill out the form on our 'Want To Distribute?' page and we’ll be in contact to discuss this exciting opportunity.

Where can I get a Safety Data Sheet?

Please contact the official distributor you purchased PRISM Filters from and request the relevant Safety Data Sheet (SDS).